Tesco and Sainsbury’s announce nationwide ban of disposable BBQs amid wildfire concerns

Tesco and Sainsbury’s have joined other supermarkets in removing disposable barbecues from their shelves amid heatwave safety fears.

There are concerns the products could spark wildfires after drought conditions which have especially affected southern parts of the UK.

The government has been considering legal curbs on the products as tinderbox conditions continue.

Retailers Aldi, Morrisons and Marks & Spencer have already taken the decision to stop selling disposable barbecues

And Environment Minister Victoria Prentis said she had commissioned research into disposable barbecues impact on wildfires.

A Tesco spokesman said: “In light of the ongoing heatwave and dry conditions, we’ve now made the decision to temporarily pause the sale of disposable barbecues across the UK.

“We know these products are popular with our customers and they’ll be back on shelves once the weather conditions make it safe to do so.”

The Home office says the foil grills are responsible for 4% of serious accidental fires

Sainsbury’s said it was taking the action as a “precautionary measure” and will monitor customer feedback.

A spokesman said: “Safety is our highest priority and we have made this decision due to the hot and dry weather we are currently experiencing.

We will continue to monitor the situation and listen to customer feedback.”

Morrisons limited the sale of disposable barbecues from its outlets March in areas one mile from National Parks.

But has now removed the products from all stores until further notice.

The Mirror reported earlier this month how Marks and Spencer announced a ban of disposable barbecues across all its stores across the UK.

It said it had pulled the product in a bid to reduce the risk of fires.

The high-street giant said they wanted “to help protect open spaces and reduce the risk of fires”.

A spokesperson for M&S said: “We’d already stopped selling disposable barbecues near national parks and in London.

“But given the unusually hot and dry conditions, we’ve taken the precautionary step of removing them from sale across the UK.”

Wildfires threaten to sweep across the parts of the country this weekend in an “unprecedented” risk, while the relentless heat fuels concerns for the ill and elderly.

As temperatures hit 33C on Wednesday experts warned there could be hundreds of heat related deaths in the UK, while the Government announced an official drought in the South of the country.